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Funny Name. Amazing Coffee

Early morning fishing excursions are a sacred ritual to many inhabitants on the south shore of Long Island. There’s nothing quite like a morning trip to a familiar fishing spot. With a cup of good coffee, good friends, and the stillness of the morning, your problems seem to melt away as the hours drift by.

I’ve always loved morning coffee and fishing, but up until 2016, I never gave much thought to the coffee part of the experience. Before then, coffee was just something I purchased at a local bagel shop on my way to the beach. That all changed when my brother-in-law flew in from Phoenix one weekend, carrying with him a bag of of coffee.

On Sunday morning before my usual fishing jaunt, he was waiting for me in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and asked “have you ever had fresh, home-roasted, single-origin coffee?” I shook my head, “No, I haven’t, is it good?” He looked at me and said, “just take a sip.”

I took a sip of the hot brown liquid, and I couldn’t believe what I was tasting. It was nothing like the coffee I usually drank. It was bursting with flavors I had never experienced in coffee before. “Is that citrus?” I thought, “wait, is that caramel?”. I never knew coffee could be that complex and fascinating — like a fine scotch or wine. I was hooked.

That Sunday changed my life forever. From that day forward, my morning fishing trips became even more enjoyable and memorable. Not only was I passionate about fishing, but I was also now passionate about which coffee I would select for my Sunday fishing trips. Before I knew it, I had my first roaster (thanks to my amazing wife who got it for me for Christmas) and began sourcing coffee from all over the world.

At first, I was roasting just for my friends, family, and fishing buddies, but they all kept telling me “You’re good at this, you have to share it with the world!” So in 2019, I opened up the Its Bean Reel Coffee Company to the public to share my newfound passion with everyone.

Our name may sound a little peculiar, but it represents two of my greatest passions in life. You don’t need to be a fisherman to enjoy our coffee — you don’t even have to like the beach or the sea — but if you enjoy moments with friends, family loved ones — and a perfect cup of coffee — I think you’re going to love our products!

Michael Vega

Owner & Head Roaster

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